• What is the thought behind 'Selling together!'?

    Clipper believes that 'Selling together!' builds and strengthens relationships. Through intensive collaboration, the sharing of knowledge and a mutual loyalty, we strive in growing sales results and developing relationships. We see that the best way of working is as a  partnership. Joining forces and strengthening the partnership develops growth, knowledge and sales. In short: Selling together!

  • Does Clipper have a catalogue?

    Clipper annually presents a new Catalogue filled with ideas and inspiration. If you would you like a copy of the catalogue, simply just let us know, and we will send this  out to you. We can also provide the catalogue with your own cover (a surcharge is incurred) - so for more information please contact us.

  • For which period are the Clipper prices valid?

    Both imprint prices and product prices can be subject to change during the year. Prices on our website will always be leading and binding at all times.

  • What are Origination Fees?

    These are the costs involved for typesetting, making the printing plates and adjusting the presses. Imprint and origination fees are charged per colour and per imprint location for each product, unless otherwise stated.

  • What are handling costs?

    Our products are packed in several ways and will be delivered unpacked or per piece in a package. Do you want to have your products printed then they have to be unpacked and after printing they have to be packed again. The costs charged for this we call handling costs. The costs for handling wll depend on the way in which the product is packed. The handling costs per product are shown on our website.

  • How are delivery costs calculated?

    Clipper works together with reputable transport partners UPS and Dachser. The costs depend on the total weight of your order. Go to an overview of the shipping costs for more information.

  • How can I become a Clipper partner?

    We will gladly welcome you as a Clipper partner if you profile yourself as a reseller of our products. When you can demonstrate this, we will provide you with log in details which give you access to our website.  If you are already logged in, then the prices that are being shown, are the net prices.

  • How do I know when my conditions as a partner change in my advantage or disadvantage?

    When your turnover increases and your conditions as a partner change and your new conditions will be effective immediately. We will contact you by telephone to advise of the change in your conditions, and can also explain what the benefits are. Formal confirmation of the change in your conditions will also be emailed to you. At the end of the calendar year the scale will be drawn. Depending on the intensity of our partnership  your conditions will be determined for the new calendar year. These will be communicated with you at the end of each calendar year.

  • What is your policy towards law and legislation regarding products?

    All our products are European certified. We have all our products tested by certified testing agencies to make sure that our products comply with the law and regulation in the area of safety. Additionally we ask all our suppliers for various written statements that confirm that the products meet our own set specifications and the specifications that derive from law and legislation. Read all about our policy regarding law and legislation.

  • I have a complaint. How does the complaint procedure work?

    Your order is always handled with the utmost care. If you for whatsoever reason are not  fully satisfied with the end result, contact us via telephone on 0845 601 2225 or report the complaint via email info@clippergifts.co.uk.

    Within 4 (working) hours you will receive acknowledgment of the complaint. Together with you we will search for a solution, because when your client is not happy, neither are we. If Clipper has fallen short and we could have delivered a better quality product, then your client will receive a new order. The order/product on which the complaint was raised, wil be credited, and a new invoice be issued upon despatch of the replacement order. More information can be found in terms and policies.

  • Which kind of printing techniques are being used in by Clipper in the own printing department?

    We use:
    - Laser engraving
    - CO²laser engraving
    - Tampon print
    - Screen printing
    - Digital transfer printing
    - Ceramic transfer printing
    - Doming
    - Embossing
    - Foil imprint
    - Sublimation
    - Sticker
    - Digital imprinting

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at:

Phone: 0845 601 2225 Opening hours 8.00 am - 4.00 pm