Partner programmes

Every partner programme has its own range of service benefits. Your loyalty is awarded! What type of partner will you become?

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Business Partner

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Premium Partner

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Executive Partner

Clipper would like to collaborate with you

That is why Clipper is offering you a partnership and inviting you to participate in its partner programme. This programme is tailored to the intensity of our collaboration and offers very attractive discounts and privileges. These will help you to achieve your sales objectives.

Your loyalty is rewarded!

We offer three programmes. If you join the programme as a Business Partner, you can then of course move on to our other programmes.
When your turnover increases with Clipper, your benefits increase immediately. Every partner programme has its own range of service benefits. You are loyal to us, we are loyal to you.

An overview of your growth

Do you want to know where you stand in regards your turnover development? Check out My Clipper; after logging in, you will see a turnover meter. Throughout the calendar year, you can only grow and the conditions are only to your advantage. At the beginning of each calendar year, you are designated to a partner programme relevant for you. It is therefore not possible to fall back a programme during the calendar year.

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If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at:

0845 601 2225 (opening hours 8.30 - 5.00)