Corporate social responsibility


At Clipper we daily recognise the impact that people & society have on our organisation, people will always remain at the core of everything we do, adn what we become.

Our employees mirror the same sense of diversity that we see in society.  Each and every employee brings with them their own set of skills, values, and experiences that enriches our organisation.

For many years now there has been a strong collaboration with Senzer who assist people with disabilities to find employment. This enables Clipper to offer people with a  work-limiting disability or people who are part of a reintegration programme employment opportunities.

In order to be and to stay successful, we are continuously developing ourselves, as individuals, as well as an organisation. That is why we offer our employees a variety of educational possibilities, which helps to enhance their potential in life as well as increase their knwoeldge within our industry.

Within our own company, working conditions and working safely naturally are top priority . This is also very important to us when looking at our (international) suppliers. We strive for worldwide recognition of our standards and values regarding labour conditions, safety and human rights. With this we want to achieve that our products are being produced in a fair manner and under good labour conditions.


Also in the area of environment, Clipper sets up all kinds of initiatives. In several places LED-lightning is being put in place as well as charging stations for electric cars. This way visitors and employees are given the opportunity to charge their hybrid or electric car and thus make optimal use of them.

In new projects a lot of attention is given to Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2015 our new logistics center has been remodeled and expanded. Moreover in the new logistics center direct heated gas heaters have been placed. The  gas usage, in comparison to  indirect heated gas heaters is 50% lower. Because of the usage of windows less artificial lighting has to be used, apart from that sunlight provides a pleasant working environment.


Clipper is a commercial establishment with a profit objective. Clipper positions itself as an expert in joining forces and is convinced that Selling together! Builds and strengthens relations. Clipper sponsors various local and national charity causes.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at:

0845 601 2225 (opening hours 8.30 - 5.00)